How Your Thoughts and Dreams Can Become a Reality

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How Your Thoughts and Dreams Can Become a Reality

By Michelle Greene

I was going through my desktop music collection with the intent to make a surprise CD of some old-school tunes for my husband’s birthday. One of the bands I’ve come to love is the American funk band, Earth, Wind and Fire which was formed in 1969.

They are probably well known for their 1970’s hits, “After the Love Has Gone”, “September,” “Reasons,” “Shining Star” and my current favorite, “Fantasy” which was released in 1978.

Great music is timeless and will live on for generations. With that in mind, I decided to create the CD with the opening song ‘Fantasy’ which I recorded a personal birthday wish to him. I had a flash of inspiration and followed it to look up the “Fantasy” lyrics online. This is something I’ve recently started doing with my favorite tunes.

The lyrics really spoke to me, thirty plus years later. And that’s what this article is based on, a snippet of the lyrics from the song Fantasy.

I see it day in and day out – people giving up on their dreams or putting them on hold. If they only knew there was truly a way to turn dreams into reality, many of those dreams would be brought back to life. Fantasy opens with the lyrics:

Every man has a place, In his heart there’s a space,

And the world can’t erase his fantasies

How many of us have really found our place in the world? We see people in popular media who seem to be living a fantasy. But unlike the lyrics above, thousands of people have caved in to the pressures and stress of daily life. They have let the world erase their fantasies.

I encourage you to dream new dreams, and never give up your dreams no matter what others say. You dreams may take a detour, but don’t bend to pressure and let the world erase your fantasies.

Another section of the lyrics says:

Every thought is a dream, Rushing by in a stream,

Bringing life to your kingdom of doing

I love how it says every thought is a dream. Everyone has thoughts and dreams whether they want to admit it or not. Everything and I mean everything ALWAYS starts with a thought. These are the thoughts that rush through the stream of your mind. They’re just waiting for you to bring them to life in the physical world.

You’re probably wondering how you can transform your thoughts from fantasy into reality. This can be done through an easy process which consists of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Turning Fantasy into Reality

Simply put, the way you think about the thoughts you have, and the emotions that come as a result of your thinking, is the starting point. Whether you realize it or not, you unconsciously run your thoughts through your internal filter – your B.S. (belief system).

Depending on what your belief system returns, you have emotions about whether you think the fantasy is achievable. If you think it’s possible, you’re right and on the other hand, if you think it’s impossible, you’re also right!

Still with me? Great! In essence, the emotions and feelings you have will either inspire you to either:

(1) Develop the habits which are necessary, which contributes to you attracting the results you want; or

(2) Not creating habits and new actions, which by default will cause things to stay as they were.

The millions of thoughts and the way you think daily may start off as a fantasy, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can use the above process of turning fantasy into fact and you’ll be on your way to making your thoughts and dreams a reality.

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