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China NLP Society – NLP Practitioner Training in Shanghai China

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China NLP Society

NLP Training – NLP Practitioner Training China

About China NLP Society

China NLP Society is a not-for-profit group of people interested in exploring and experiencing Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

We strive to remain non-partisan.

Most of our events are free and all of our trainers, presenters and facilitators freely donate their time and energy in preparing for their session. Sometimes our guest trainers will advertise or promote their events; sometimes they won’t. While we do our best to offer high quality experiences for you, China NLP does not endorse any trainers or presenters beyond offering you a chance to see how they do what they do.

We charge admission for some of our events. For these, the trainer receives no payment. This is to cover the rent, the website, advertising, snacks, materials, name tags and a whole host of little things that allow us to offer you a smooth experience. When we do charge for an event, we usually aim to bring in a little more than the event costs as there are many events for which we don’t charge anything.

The Society is led by NLP Trainer Daniel Smith and we have a small group of advisors, though always welcome your input.

NLP trains people to think, learn and communicate more effectively – we help people use their mind… to be free of the constraints of our conditioning and our habits and our past, so that we can experience the life that we want.

Since founded by Mark Julien, China NLP brings together a community of individuals interested in exploring and developing their NLP skills. Our speakers and trainers volunteer their time to share their ideas and insights. We strive to cover a wide range of subjects across the domain without attachment to any particular school of thought.

In a session, we might have someone who trained with NLP University (Robert Dilts), another who trained with Tad James, a Richard Bandler-trained Executive Coach, and others who have taken their NLP training with local training companies. We welcome and value everyone.

And if you would like to contribute something to China NLP, please do contact us – we would love to hear from you.

We also offer NLP Certifications.

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