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Coach Who Knew - Jessica Burkart Transitional Life Coach Florida

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Jessica Burkart Transitional Life Coach in Florida

It’s Time to Start Really Living!

Who could benefit from a life coach? Everyone!

  • Life explorers looking to go from here to “there”
  • Military personnel being discharged or active duty
  • Brides going through the planning of their wedding
  • Divorcees finding themselves in their new life
  • Retireees getting ready for the next chapter in life
  • Widows and widowers moving on
  • Business owners looking to transition their company for greater success

Transition can be many things – it can even be a person going from having no time for themselves to having the life they want and the happiness they deserve.


Jessica Burkart Transitional Life Coach

My name is Jessica Burkart and I am a professional transitional life coach who specializes in supporting people going through transition and aligning with them to achieve their focus. The transition can be anything from getting married, retiring, changing jobs, divorce – or just changing the way you handle your day to day life. It’s all transition and that’s what I know best!

What’s got your brain cluttered?
What do you want most out of life?
What’s your biggest dream?
What’s your biggest obstacle?

Let’s find out together! I combine my interests in people going through serious life transitions with my experiences, my training and continuing education, background, military service, marriage, personal loss, living all over the country, etc., to meet the needs of people wanting a clearer path, more focus, and the ability to live the best life they could ever imagine. Several coaching packages are available from one month to on-going coaching.

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