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Kathy Butler Solution Focused Life Coach Alabama, USA

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Kathy Butler – Solution Focused Coaching
Alabama, USA

What is Solution Focused Coaching?

Although there seem to be rather too many than too few types of coaches available we want to bring a new kind of coaching under your attention: solution-focused coaching. The reason for this is that this way of working enables coaching to be brief, effective and respectful. Originally from the world of therapy, solution-focused coaching is now gaining popularity in the world of work rapidly. The basic assumption of solution-focused coaching is that for each client specific individualized solutions for problems work best and that any person is competent to solve his or her own problems. These solutions emerge by asking useful questions by the coach. How does this work? We would like to start with a description of two things that usually do not happen in solution-focused coaching: analyzing problem causes and prescribing generic solutions.

No problem analysis and diagnosis

The solution focused approach finds it more useful to focus attention directly on building solutions for problems than on analyzing causes of problems and making a diagnosis. Although diagnosing problems often works with technical and medical problems, it hardly ever works with problems in organizations. Focusing on what’s wrong usually drains people’s energy, makes them feel guilty and distracts them from focusing on their goals.

No theory-based generic solutions

As a rule, the coach does not present generic theory-based solutions. A core assumption of solution-focused coaching is that what works best is to help the client find solutions that fit his or her unique circumstances. This inductive way of working leads to individualized solutions that are really owned by the person being coached.

Doing what works!

But what is this solution-focus then, you might wonder. In essence it comes down to:

Acknowledging problems: first of all acknowledge the problem you might have. In what sense is it a problem? How does it bother you?
Defining your preferred future: specify how you would like things to be
Identifying solutions: identify what helps you make progress in that desired direction (find out what works)
Amplifying solutions: if something works, do MORE of it
If you notice something does not work, stop doing it and do something ELSE

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