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Life Coach Brisbane Australia

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Life Coach Brisbane, Australia


life_coach_brisbane_sabrina-holmesHaving a Coach is like having a personal trainer for your mind. It is a powerful way to keep yourself accountable to your dreams.

There is no separation between our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual bodies. At Life Coach Brisbane we promote alignment in all these areas and it is our wish for you to experience the freedom and joy associated with finding you, being you and loving you!

If you’ve been putting yourself last for too long, your relationships are suffering or your health is not the priority it ought to be, and you wonder why all your best intentions are failing, then it’s time to take some action. Give yourself the gift of happiness.

Coaching is not counselling. This is not an opportunity for you to sit back and chat about your woes in the hope that someone else will give you a quick fix and make them all go away. This is the time for you to stop hoping and take action!

As we begin our work together we will identify where you want to be and put a plan in place to take you there. We will be there to encourage you and celebrate with you as you hit your markers and, be assured, bluntly tell you when you’re not putting everything in. We will not accept anything less than everything you’ve got.

If you are genuinely ready to stop complaining about the things that are wrong with your life and want to begin to take control, take that step and…

book a complimentary introductory session at Life Coach Brisbane today!

All coaching takes place over the phone or Skype. 50% money back guarantee offered on the first session if you are not wildly happy!

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