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Life coaching for Muslims

Muslims can also benefit from life coaching it is completely halal. Coaching works within your own value systems. The idea is that you can face your problems in a proactive way. We as Muslims have something wonderful, prayer. We have salat everyday to keep us humble and disciplined and we are so lucky to be able to turn to Allah Swt 5 times a day. However, sometimes we pray a great deal and we could also use a little bit of practical help; this is where coaching comes in. Think of it as that little bit extra to help you achieve your goals.

We as Muslims believe in strong ties with friends and family. They are on our side. Sometimes our friends can make things a little bit harder, as they are not always objective. Our friends may be worrying for us a great deal and at times, their advice may make things that little bit harder. You may need a non-judgemental ear to help you air out your fears and worries. A place where you can be comfortable yet productive. I am a Muslim myself so I understand the issues that come up. I will do my best to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment. You will be able to share your worries, and find solutions for them as well. Working with a Muslim coach can make that bit of difference.

Life For The Muslim Family

Islam teaches us to value our families highly. However, in this day and age Many Muslim families are troubled and suffering. Do you know anyone who is having difficulty talking to their children? Perhaps their children are not listening? Maybe there are issues with anger. How healthy is the communication between husband and wife?

Islam teaches us how to behave within the times, but with several influences to contend with, the challenges are growing. Those who are raising families in the west are familiar with these challenges. So, given that Islam is our way of life, how does the Muslim family cope?

Help is available for the Muslim family as well. Life Coaching can be carried out in a family environment as well. We will sit down together to have a group coaching session. You may be wondering what difference this would make? Coaching a Muslim family is all about working together as a group. We will establish some common goals for the family and help create an atmosphere of harmony.

We all want the best for our families, but when we are stuck in a difficult situation it is hard to see the way out. It can be challenging to have someone from the outside come in. I accept that it takes a lot to ask for that support. Many families do not wish to share their problems with anyone on the outside.

So what would prompt someone from a Muslim family to encourage a Life Coach to come in? This usually happens when things have gotten quite bad and the situation may well be extreme. However it is very difficult to restore balance then. Most Muslim families will go to the local mosque, and that is a wonderful option as escalating situations can be calmed down.

Going through these measures are good short term solutions. Life Coaching will offer you the possibility of making positive changes that last. You will learn to communicate and handle disputes in an empowering fashion. You will restore love and balance in your family. I imagine that this is what we all want. Sometimes that little helping hand can make all the difference. If you wish to find out more if coaching would be appropriate for your Muslim family, please do get in touch.

How does Life Coaching fit in with Islam

I imagine that this is a concern for many Muslims. Being a practicing Muslim myself, I understand the reluctance to do anything that would be contrary to Islamic teachings. Our purpose as Muslims is to enhance ourselves in every way, and this as I understand it, means that we have a duty to improve our spiritual selves and our lot in this life.

Life Coaching fits perfectly into Islam because it is all about enhancing who you are as a human being. This does not mean that you only chase your material goals and leave out the spiritual element. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. My job as a Muslim Life Coach is to ensure that my clients set goals that fit in with every aspect of their lives.

For example, if a Muslim client wishes to enhance their career, I will first ask them about what possibilities they have thought of. We will ensure that whatever is on the table is halal and they are happy to proceed. We will look at all angles of the situation together before they go away and take action.

Life Coaching fits in with Islam because it works with your own unique values as a Muslim. Though I use skills such as NLP which have been invented by non-Muslims, the use of these skills is to help you enhance your communication skills. We use so many things that were not invented by Muslims, but their use is Islamic. Coaching fits into the same category.

Life Coaching fits in with Islam because Islam encourages education and self-development. Islam encourages us to continue learning. Coaching involves learning about yourself and how can be a better human being; this ultimately allows you to serve yourself, your family and your community as a more empowered Muslim.

Life Coaching fits in with Islam in all its aspects. It is up to the individual, you, to give it a go and experience the results for yourself.

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