Personal Coaching – The Best Help For Reducing Stress

November 9, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Life Coaching Articles


Personal Coaching – The Best Help For Reducing Stress

Are you a working woman who tries to do everything on your own? Are you trying to be Superwoman, juggling many different roles, and trying to be all things to all people?

It seems to be a woman’s natural instinct to try and do everything on her own. We often don’t like to ask for help and only give in when we are really struggling, feeling stressed and unable to cope.

You may have some great friends whom you can turn to in your hour of need and they will give you reassurance, a supportive shoulder to cry on if need be and words of encouragement. But do they ask you the right questions?

Powerful questions are the thing to help you reassess your situation, gain some clarity and most importantly get a shift in your emotional state. Once you have this shift you are then in a much better place to move forward positively. You will have a greater insight as to why you crashed and burned in the first place or why you felt so stressed and “stuck”. The best thing is, you will develop a greater degree of self-awareness, which will put you in a much better place to recognize the signs of it happening again.

If you have never tried personal coaching I really recommend you to give it a go. A well-trained and intuitive coach will be able to ask you the right questions as explained above. They will help you get to the core of the issue and help you break any patterns of behaviour or old beliefs that are really not serving you.

I am a coach and obviously to a large extent biased. But my own experience of coaching has really helped me to shift my emotional state in response to many personal issues. It has also helped me make changes in my life that have been truly transforming and freeing. It has often involved me stepping out of my comfort zone and has therefore been difficult. But, one of the best things about coaching is that everything can be done at my own pace when it is right for me and there is no sense of feeling pressurized or forced to things before I am ready.

Personal coaching is very forward thinking and does not involve dragging up past issues. It deals with how you are feeling “right now”, aiming to help you learn how to deal with stress on your own terms. There is nothing more motivating that getting to a place where you want to make a change because you have come to that conclusion, as opposed to someone else telling you that’s what you should do!

I like to think of personal or wellness coaching in terms of keeping my fuel tank topped up. It helps me to shift my perspective more quickly so that I don’t get stuck on indulge in the same old patterns. It is therefore a great way to help me learn how to release stress.

Why not give coaching a go?